The film company BSF required an identity
and website. For this we created a black
swamp that anything could sink into, or appear from, along with the main 'logo' which is the swamp warning sign. We also suggested that for each film indent at the start of their films, an appropriate image from the film would either sink or appear in the swamp to give the audience a small clue as to the theme of
the film.

The stationery range continues to reflect the black comedy; on the invoice sheet, a gun appears out of the swamp. The compliments sheet shows a severed hand (handshake), while the business card depicts a contract sinking into the swamp.

Red and yellow card memory sticks were used to hold the film 'Extra Time'. The film is about a Riverford Rovers’ talisman who dies on the eve of their FA Cup Final clash with Manchester United, their fans take drastic action to ensure the lucky streak continues!

Black Swamp Films

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