Bovis Lend Lease required a set of brochures to inform potential business partners in areas such as Retail Petroleum, Finance, Supermarkets and Automotive Environments, for the planning, construction and on site service for multisites.

Bovis's pharmaceutical divison offers unparalled range of services to healthcare companies. We created a brochure with accompanying 3d glasses and through the use of 3d pictures like a 'horse before a cart', we were able to communicate Bovis's 3d understanding of the market.

Simple metaphors demonstrate the strength of Bovis Lend Lease's integrated approach to projects, through consultancy, design and engineering, IT, procurement, construction management and validation. Each section had a strong metaphor for each approach.

The microelectronics divsion requied a brochure to communicate their client focused management, design and construction solutions. Through the use of chip squares we were able to dot through images to reflect these areas of expertise and highlight them through a die-cut slip cover.

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