Seven One production company wanted to sell 6 film ideas they had on slate. We met and decided to show potential investors the films concept through quick short trailers intended to form part of a powerpoint presentation. The films borrow from existing films to give a flavour.

1. Rebellion
Owain Glydwr a Welsh Prince of Wales, a medieval Godfather, fights for survival in the face of a massive English army.

2. Virginia plain
A story of a journey into the dark side of nightclubbing and what affects it can have on a young girls life whose name is Virginia Plain.

3. Dicing with life
When an Olympic athlete is diagnosed with cancer, the US Government is quick to offer a potential cure. However, the biological agents that they fill him with, turn him into a walking weapon of mass destruction.

4. Tovaravich
The unique true story of a young doctor who survived both the Holocaust and the Gulag, who faced a firing squad but escaped to triumph over oppression, this is an epic adventure of a man who survived through charm, aggression, and the women who loved him.

5. The true SAS
A young British Officer is given permission to form a Corps of volunteers to drop behind enemy lines. The only people he can get to agree to join him are a group of New Zealand farm labourers who have no uniforms, weapons or barracks. From the humble beginnings of these two disparate organisations the world's most famous fighting force is born.

6. The weatherman
A machine that controls the weather and the boy that controls it…well almost.

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