In collaboration with brand consultancy Goosebumps.

The Route is a wealth management company based in the City of London. With the intention of re-focusing its business on attracting new business from young, high-flying professionals, it created a unique membership offer.

Communicating this offer’s benefits required a new visual language that combined irreverence and elegance for a refreshingly different profile in this sector.

The Route's identity began with a new 'endless' logo which, in itself, expresses a journey or a route. This was then used as the basis for a series of 'one line' illustrations, such as a pen-in-hand for the reverse of the letterhead, and a handshake for the back of a business card.

The 'one line' illustrations were used to campaign the idea of a route throughout all The Route's communications.

Vibrant photographic images were added into the visual mix to create a strong contrast with the refined elegance of the 'one line' drawings.These photographs have been manipulated to create a tightly controlled pastel colour palette.

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