The Route's new visual identity was launched with a sales brochure where the new logo is highlighted on the cover using silver foil. 'One line' illustrations, by Piers Rutterford, were commissioned to reinforce the copy messages. Here, a drawing of a telephone illustrates the headline: 'Henry Kissinger once complained: "Who do I call if I want to call Europe?"'

A library of 'one line' illustrations was created that would be suitable for multiple usage.This drawing has been used both as an illustration in the sales brochure and as a large-scale wall vinyl for the firm's meeting room.

Big bold photo images, with their tightly controlled pastel colour palette, create pace in The Route's literature, in strong contrast to the refined 'one line' drawings. Here the photograph illustrates the headline: 'The heroine is tied to the track. The locomotive is rushing ever closer. What would you do?'

The Route's new visual identity was extended to its internal communications, as in this internal PowerPoint and presentation pack.

A book of guidelines was produced for all staff to explain the identity and how to use it..

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