Frou frou at Boogaloo

Every month my lovely friend Lydia aka Madamme Frou frou, DJs at the Boogaloo bar in Highgate. Not only is she a great DJ but a great publist too. To advertise the events Nick Allen comps Lydia into well known album covers, resulting in some gold album results. Check out Michael Jackson!

LP cover Flyers

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A religious experience

Having grown a beard and been given a radio show to air ‘strange and ethereal’ music on MOJO radio, Creative director of Q, Kerrang and Mojo awards, Dave Henderson, decided that the show should be called ‘The Church Of Dave’. Through the show Dave discovered lots of obscure back proch ballads, beatnik jazz, weird folkies and general eccentric behaviour.

From the show a record label as equally spiritual about sounds had to follow. BLACK heard the prayer..Hence the name, hence the logo, hence the string of rather well received album releases. Has the world finally got religion? Who knows…

For the release of Goldie Hill and rockin Merle Travis the fingerpickin king, BLACK created a sleeve for the cd release that had to express that 1956 ol time counrty feel.

More can be found at Righteous

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Dexter titles

Anyone here a Dexter fan? Will he be caught?

For anyone who hasn’t seen the show, Dexter is a serial killer who happens to work for the law forensic bureau that convicts serial killers.

This show is brilliant. The title sequence just as brilliant. A normal boring morning routine is made to feel dangerous and just a little bit twisted, by using images of shave cuts to slicing up thick peices of gammon to agressively tying boot laces. For more takes of film titles there is a very nice site you could visit.

art of the title

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Flying the flag

On request from Blackpool fans, Black has created a giant flag for his beloved team. The flag made its first appearance on Saturday 6 December for the match against Charlton Athletic. Black would like to think the unfurling helped the teams 2 – 0 victory!

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Is this the coolest musical toy ever made?

A mini sequencer with endless possibilites. The coloured buttons can be used to change the melody and rhythm. Each color has a different tune. You can also change the speed and pitch of the sequence with 2 sliders. This was also released by Palitoy in the UK. I can’t find one on ebay so i’ll just have to make do with my Stylophone.

Budding Rick Wakeman? Try out some toy synthesizers at the address below.

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Snack size cigarettes

Philip Morris has unveiled plans for a smaller cigarette to cater for the age of the smoking-ban. ‘Marlboro Intense’ will deliver the same potency while taking less time to puff, and is designed to appeal to employees who are forced to take quick outdoor cigarette breaks while at work, often in cold weather. The cigarette, which is 7.2cm long, compared with the normal 8.5cm.

Black says: ‘These brands should be themed! We envisage asking for 20 Toulouse, 20 Thumberlina’s or 10 Tom Thumb’s please. What names would you give them ?

* Warning: Smoking can stunt your growth.

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Small stakes

Black has discovered a great poster artist based in California. The posters, mostly for the music business, have a lovely spacious, intelligent feel throughout and sometimes nice idea, as on the pirate poster shown. Arrrrrr! More info and link below.

Arising from a love of independent music, design, and making for the sake of making,┬áJason Munn’s┬áposters soon became a fixture in the local independent music scene.

He started The Small Stakes in the fall of 2003, and it has since unfolded into a successful independent design studio, producing nationally and internationally commissioned work in a range of print materials, including book covers, album packaging, T-shirt designs, screen-printed posters, and illustrations.

The Small Stakes

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