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Black Swamp Films – New film give away

Black Creatives film company Black swamp Films has just screened the latest 18 minute short film ‘Extra Time’ at the Soho House. The film is based on a group of football fans whose talisman dies on the eve of their FA Cup Final. Black Creative uploaded the film to yellow and red memory cards to keep in the football theme.

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Brum brum!

Bet it overheats in summer! and I reckon you could squeeze 200 people into that tube tent!

Camper tent

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Just add water

The coolest Tattoos that won’t cause you pain!


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Scale of the universe

This has got to be the best website in the world..or worlds.

The Scale of the universe

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Glastonbury festival 40th year book

Black created the scrapbook celebrating 40 years of the Festival, the Glastonbury scrapbook features exclusive material from the personal archives of the Eavis family, from tickets and posters to pictures and personal messages tracing the event from its beginnings in 1970 through to the multi-stage extravaganza of today. Ideas are here like the pyramid page spread, with the pics forming a pyramid. Sticky and masking taped corners, dymo type and glued scrap paper messages help to create a personalised collection. I even managed to squeeze a pic or two of yours truly in the mix. Full colour and with hand-written captions by Emily and Michael, the Scrapbook is a 120-page look at the Festival over the years.

You can buy this limited edition book now for £10 from Oxfam’s website, by clicking here.
£7.50 from each sale will go to aid Oxfam’s efforts in Haiti.


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Black swamp films

To advertise Black Swamp Films latest short film, ‘Something for the lamppost’, Black produced a swamp website were random items could emerge from the swamp reflecting the unpredicatable output springing from the dark minds behind Black Swamp Films..’as they bob precariously on the surface’

At any point within the site, the reassuring but slightly eerie doll’s house will return you back to the homepage and the safety
of the bank.

Clicking on a bobbing film ticket stub, emerges a projector screen from the swamp, to show a trailer of the new film.

Black Swamp Films

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