Air guitar the movie – in four parts

BLACK wrote and directed a film about an air guitarist who dreamed to become the worlds greatest.
Follow Randy Fretman on his journey to the world’s air guitar contest in Oulu Finland.

Does take a wee time to download the films..but worth it.

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The ‘Paul Young’ – No Parlez appeal starts here!

Surely, this is the most remaindered album ever. Released in 1983 and featuring Paul’s ‘Come Back And Stay’ and ‘Love Of The Common People’, not to mention his cover of Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, ‘No Parlez’ once commanded it’s own section in the Notting Hill branch of Music And Video Exchange where a good 30 copies were racked for as little as 10p. Sadly that accolade has gone but charity shops around the country, jumble sales and indeed all branches of Music And Video Exchange have plenty of copies.

It’s Dave Henserson’s plan, at 23 Ears, to bring all of these lost platters together on July 31 this year, 29 years after its initial release. If you have a copy languishing anywhere in your house send it to Dave at 23 Ears Box 3175, Wiltshire SN9 5WL and they will build a commemorative tower of ‘Parlez’ in Derry Street, London, home of Sony Music who released this over stocked debut back in the day. Our fork lift awaits!

23 Ears

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New pop promo

For the group ‘Stolen Voices’, we edited together hours of archive Supremes footage for their reworked track and single ‘Jean 1’.

Stolen Voices

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Sex education film by Black

A sex education film for NB Leisure trust. Written by social service workers and using real teenagers from the streets of the midlands. The brief was to create a film of teenagers concerns and, discussions about sex and what advice is available. Available on dvd and being shown around schools to create discussion.

View films here

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Best music video so far this year ?

Best music video this year and top tune too!

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Turn your iphone into a theatre

Turning iPhones into on-the-go movie theaters and presentation tools, PhoneSuit’s MiLi Pro combines the power of their MiLi Battery Pack with an LCOS, LED micro video projector, allowing for ultimate viewing fun.

The rechargeable MiLi Pro features quality built-in speakers, a mini-USB cable for syncing the device and the capability to display 640×480 high resolution images on any surface up to 40 inches large.

In addition, the MiLi Pro offers a number of AV inputs. Compatible with the standard dock connectors used with iPhones and iPods, PhoneSuit also includes two additional cables, the VGA and RCA, allowing for connectivity with laptops and DVD players respectively..


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Beambox compact projector

Beambox have just produced the Evolution R-1 pocket projector. It boats an LCoS chip, a brightness of 30 lumens with a 200:1 contrast ratio and VGA (640×480) resolution and will be capable of projecting up to 100-inch image. 4gb of Flash memory and weighs only 175 grams. Should put you back around £250 and is available in Black of course.


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Elvis 75 years on!

Celebrating 75 years of Elvis with a short ‘Black’ film captured in Santa Barbara

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