Portobello in bloom

After months of shuffling through hundreds..no thousands of short films The Portobello Film Festival is to show our blossoming film ‘Something for the Lamppost’. So if you are free on Tuesday 8th September at 6.15pm come on down to the Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London, W10 5JJ. See you there.

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Black swamp films

To advertise Black Swamp Films latest short film, ‘Something for the lamppost’, Black produced a swamp website were random items could emerge from the swamp reflecting the unpredicatable output springing from the dark minds behind Black Swamp Films..’as they bob precariously on the surface’

At any point within the site, the reassuring but slightly eerie doll’s house will return you back to the homepage and the safety
of the bank.

Clicking on a bobbing film ticket stub, emerges a projector screen from the swamp, to show a trailer of the new film.

Black Swamp Films

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Never mind the pollocks

Anyone having fun creating a Jackson Pollock?..click on the link below and paint away!..we’re loving it at Black.


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Paolo Maldini meets his match

The greatest defender in the world, Paolo Maldini of AC Milan explains some of his defending secrets at the AC Milan training ground. The Black directed practices, are now on the Inside Soccer website. In between, Black (shown in picture kneeling) was able to show Paolo the Stanley Matthews dribble (not that successful).

Inside Soccer

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Animal collective

So what does BLACK listen to that helps the flow of ideas and mac scribblings ?

‘Animal Collective’s’ epic chorally arranged voices resounding in a virtual cathedral of course! But we will have to wait until January for new impetus, when the new release of Merriweather Post Pavilion sees the band wisely push those Beach Boys-style, Panda-led harmonies to the fore, resulting in some of their most accessible, melodic work to date so we are told. And check the forthcoming sleeve! It’s actually still art.

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Smelling sweet

Stills from the forthcoming BLACK comedy short film “Something for the lamppost” written and directed by Black and Ray Fury, due December 2008. It tells the story of one owners flower shop business and, its struggle in the face of floral supermarket competition…and what they do to combat that. Does it all turn out smelling of roses ?

Still 1. Nigel Osner and Paddy Fletcher the main actor.
Still 2. Paddy and the director
Still 3. Paddy with Angela Sorensen and Sarah Alborn.

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Red Bull iBar

BLACK has found its wings by creating fly on the wall film documents of the new iBar from Red Bull, in collaboration with Carpenter Newby design. The interactive bar, designed by Mindstorm, has customised animations that pinpoint your drink and where your hand is on the bar. The filming also shows the ‘perfect serve’ for a red bull drink. The iBar was located at various venues around the country to promote the 2008 London leg of the Red Bull Air Race.

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