DJ Noir podcast halloween special

A creepy gathering of spooky songs
A collection of tunes I discovered in 2010

Even a man whose heart is pure and says his prayers can change into a wolf at night, when he hears these songs and the full moon shines bright.

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Best music video so far this year ?

Best music video this year and top tune too!

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Launched today!
Photographs and films taken on my travels though different countries.
We’re especially fond of the Varannasi India experience.

Travel to the site today at…

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Turn your iphone into a theatre

Turning iPhones into on-the-go movie theaters and presentation tools, PhoneSuit’s MiLi Pro combines the power of their MiLi Battery Pack with an LCOS, LED micro video projector, allowing for ultimate viewing fun.

The rechargeable MiLi Pro features quality built-in speakers, a mini-USB cable for syncing the device and the capability to display 640×480 high resolution images on any surface up to 40 inches large.

In addition, the MiLi Pro offers a number of AV inputs. Compatible with the standard dock connectors used with iPhones and iPods, PhoneSuit also includes two additional cables, the VGA and RCA, allowing for connectivity with laptops and DVD players respectively..


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Beambox compact projector

Beambox have just produced the Evolution R-1 pocket projector. It boats an LCoS chip, a brightness of 30 lumens with a 200:1 contrast ratio and VGA (640×480) resolution and will be capable of projecting up to 100-inch image. 4gb of Flash memory and weighs only 175 grams. Should put you back around £250 and is available in Black of course.


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Elvis 75 years on!

Celebrating 75 years of Elvis with a short ‘Black’ film captured in Santa Barbara

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DJ Noir podcast – Episode 9

Black burnt and blistered stars
A collection of tunes I discovered in 2009

Each chim chimmaney christmas I make a cd for friends of the songs I have loved during that year..on Christmas eve, I again tip toe into their home and pop the cd into their stocking. Hopefully they get some enjoyment from it on those dark January nights. This episode from the year 2009, is not so much a show as a collection of the bizzarre and the beautiful.

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The photographers have taken over the asylum

There’s some mad stuff on this site. Looks like photographers have gained access to many of Britain’s now crumbling Hospitals and Asylums. Check out Emotive69 and Stuwie’s photos to start as shown above.

Asylums and hospital photos

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